What is Āhei?

Āhei is an internship programme that closes the gap between people with disabilities who are disadvantaged through the recruitment and hiring process. 

Everyone knows someone with a disability, with 1 in 4 people in the workplace having a disability, whether organisations are aware. 

Āhei provides disabled interns with placement into organisations to gain work experience in a field of their interest and cuts through the hiring process to allow fair access to opportunities. 

Our Approach

  • We receive a description of the skills and abilities you are looking to have filled
  • We profile our candidates according to their impairment, abilities, and career interests and find the right fit for your organisation. 
  • Our interns have access to a buddy system, mentors, pastoral care, skill development and workshops.
  • We work with partner organisations to enhance organisational practices and provide access to our Āhei Lead and mentors to ensure you have support available to confidently carry out a placement experience. 

Our Talent

  • High school to university level
  • Ages 16 – 24
  • Various disabilities: Autism, ADD, Dyslexic, physical etc. 
  • Have the ability and want to participate in the employment workforce
  • Eligibility to work in New Zealand 

Why Āhei?

We want to provide people living with disabilities with as many opportunities available to them as possible.

We believe these opportunities will shape the direction of our interns’ lives, their families' lives, and future generations to come. 

The compounding effect profoundly impacts the bigger picture of societal change, and we use business innovation as a lever to mobilise disability outcomes, harnessing social transformation.

We look to partner with organisations vested in strengthening their diversity and inclusion strategy and contributing to social change.

Āhei provides a pathway for your organisation to enhance your understanding of disability and contribute to shaping social inclusion outcomes. 

  • We provide disability competency training to enhance understanding of all kinds of disabilities and how to work alongside people with disabilities.
  • Mentoring services to ensure our partner organisations and interns have a good experience. 
  • Strengthens Diversity and inclusion practices.
  • You have access to talented individuals. 
  • Cost-effective talent pipeline.

Active Partner

Providing a placement opportunity for our interns.

Passive Partner

Contribution intangible/tangible towards our Kaupapa.

Contact email: ahei@northable.org.nz

Contact phone: 0508 637 200


Āhei Internship program
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