About us

Āhei is the employment arm of NorthAble disability services. Together we have expanded our reach to provide tāngata whaikaha (people with disabilities) direct access to organisations through our Āhei internship program.

We support organisations in implementing diverse and inclusive practices and develop our interns to bring their enriched perspectives into the workplace.

Why do we do what we do?

Employment is one of the biggest factors that lock disabled people out of society. Raising employment opportunities provides an essential place for connection and lifts the model for next-generation practices.

We want to invest in diversity development to see a fair representation of disabled people working across organisations to reflect the communities we live in.

Become an Intern

Āhei is an internship program that removes barriers to the workforce by providing direct access to corporate, commercial, non-government and community organisations across Whangarei so tāngata whaikaha can participate in work experience.

Our Approach


Attend the workshops to help prepare you for an internship placement


We find a suitable match between interns and the partner organisations we work with


We place successful candidates into the Āhei program to gain work experience in job placement.


Evidence-based development workshops are carried out alongside the work placement.


Graduation ceremony at the end of a placement

Why Āhei


Āhei has a team of mentors to guide interns through a placement from commencement to graduation.


Workshops, training, peer sessions and a work placement provide learning opportunities.


Build social connections with peers and a buddy system.


Opportunities to grow professionally in the workplace and personally through an alternative approach to the program that supports individual learning needs.

Eligibility/Placement Criteria

  • Placement: 6 months
  • Aged between 16 to 24 years old
  • Have a disability that is likely to last six months or longer
  • Committed to participating in the full length of the programme
  • There are no set formal qualifications required, but applicants must be able to carry out the placement and workshops from beginning to end
  • Must be a New Zealand citizen or have met visa requirements

What we are looking for in an Intern

  • A long-term desire to be employed
  • Understand your disability or a willingness to understand and advocate for yourself
  • Willingness to participate and engage with others that positively reflects Āhei

Become a Partner

Āhei works to provide internship placements for tāngata whaikaha into government, commercial, corporate and non-profit organisations.

Why Āhei


Ahei has a team of expertise to guide organisations and interns through the program


Disability competency training by specialists in the field to our partners


We are connected to various community organisations to create further networks in the disability sector


A talent pool that is diverse and is a cost-effective pipeline

How you can help

Active partnership

Provide a placement opportunity for our interns

Passive partnership

Sponsorship of events associated with Ahei


Partner with us to explore other ways to collaborate

Our approach


Disability competency training to introduce you to


We select interns from our talent pool according to their interests and your needs for a purposeful placement


We place successful candidates into a job placement and upskill them along their journey


We provide support to Interns, the whanau, and our partner organisations throughout the program ensuring a well-supported experience for everyone  

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