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Te Ringa Manaaki :
The charitable arm of NorthAble

Te Ringa Manaaki

Caring Hands

Te Ringa Manaaki means 'Caring Hands' and is the charitable funding arm of NorthAble.

Te Ringa Manaaki was created with the purpose to provide support for people  living with a disability in Northland.

Contributing to the wellbeing of our  tangata whaikaha and their whānau by providing funding for projects, activities and assistive equipment that are not eligible to be funded through other means.

Funding can be used for activities such as  further study, mentoring programmes,  purchasing accessibility items for the home or community or assistance to access the community for a range of activities.


Those eligible will need to meet these criteria:

  • Have a long-term disability.
  • Be resident in Te Tai Tokerau.
  • Not be eligible for funding from other sources including MoH, ACC, Te Whatu Ora Te Tai Tokerau or WINZ.
  • Have a genuine need who are unable to fund the relevant opportunity or equipment themselves.

Real Results

Supporting creative endeavors

Not only can our support funds be used for further study, mentor programs and accessibility items; but we also help fund community projects and activities.

One of our recent fund recipients was Liam Martyn Astbury (pictured on the left). Liam used the funds to host a gallery showcase of his artwork at Megan Dickinson gallery. The night was a roaring success with many local artists coming out in support.

If you have similar ideas or endeavors you need funding for, contact us for more info or apply below.

How to Apply

Step 1

Complete Application on-line and submit to Te Ringa Manaaki Charitable Trust Sub-Committee for review.

Step 2

Application considered by Te Ringa Manaaki Sub-Committee who will send their recommendation on to NorthAble Matapuna Hauora Board of Trustees for approval.

Step 3

Applicant will be notified of the Board of Trustees decision by phone and/or email.

Step 4

Funds are allocated as appropriate.

Step 5

Te Ringa Manaaki Sub-Committee to follow-up successful applicants as appropriate and report back to the Board.

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Step 05
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Step 03

Application Form

Application for funds from Te Ringa Manaaki

NB Only applications to the maximum value of $5,000 will be considered.

Request details and how this will benefit you

Please tell us exactly what you need and its cost.

Education support
Support to engage in/ participate in your community

Amount requested

Please includes quote (s) / relevant details for the amount requested. All for the amount requested. All supporting documentation for this application can be sent to

Terms and conditions

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Recent Recipients

Below are some of the latest recipients of Te Ringa Manaaki grants.

Life changing learning

Recipient |
2Enable School

2Enable school is a volunteer afterschool care program that needed a helping hand

Read More

Our latest Te Ringa Manaaki Grant recipient out the money to good use purchasing learning supplies for their after school care team.

Now they can really give their students the support the need to really excel in their schooling.

Improved accessibility for local group doing good

Recipient |
Jane Goodall

The Goodall Group needed a new wheel ramp to help their clients access their services

Read More

Goodall group doing good.

The Goodall group have been helping the disabled with their services for many years now but found their current wheelchair ramp was falling apart and becoming dangerous.

Te Ringa Manaaki helped the Goodall Group build a new ramp and widen a few areas inside the office to make the workspace more accessible for workers and clients.