Blog: Nga Whetu a Matariki

Matariki can be translated as tiny eyes or eyes of God. In Te Taitokerau the start Puanga precedes the cluster Pleiades known to Maori as Matariki.  This announces the Maori New year.   It is a time where loved ones who have passed over the last year are remembered. Where significant kaupapa- / initiatives are initiated.  

Waitā is the star associated with the moana – the many moods and tides of TeMoana Nui a Kiwa and all the life forms that call it home.  

Waitī sits above her twin Waitā, who is responsible for freshwater and everything within.   Wai Maori or freshwater always flows towards the moana.

Waipunarangi– Wai Water Punarangi Heavenly Realm: Water of the heavenly realm.  

Tupuanuku is the star that is connected to kai (food) and rongoa (traditional medicines)that is grown within the soil, or harvested from the ground.

Tupuarangi is comprised of arakia/prayertwo words: tupu which can mean ‘new shoot’ or ‘to grow’, and rangi (sky), an abbreviation of ‘Ranginui’ (sky father). Tupuarangi has influence over the domains of Tane, the atua of the forest, Haumietiketike, the atua of uncultivated foods and insects, and Tutewehiwehi, the father of reptiles, fern roots, nikau, harakeke, and silver tree fern (ponga).

Ururangi is the messenger of the stars.  It highlights the inter connectedness and spiritual significance of stars in Maori cosmology.

Hiwa I te rangi: Having a k to the spiritual realm of Hiwa I te Rangi.