Coronavirus Covid-19: What will NZ's next six months look like?

The first six months of 2020 introduced Kiwis to Covid-19, saw us forced into a month-long lockdown and then brought us liberation - only for there to be a border blunder and a renewed spate of cases caught in quarantine.

What will the rest of the year bring? In an in-depth interview with the Herald, Otago University epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker said Kiwis could expect the next months to stay relatively quiet for New Zealand - assuming our border measures didn't crack under stress.

Life after elimination

"While you'd have to be pretty brave to predict the future beyond the end of this year with much certainty - I think some of the biggest uncertainties for New Zealand have now been removed," he said.

"We know that elimination has fulfilled its promise, with those key elements of managing our borders, contact tracing, and lockdown.


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Abridged, taken from an article in the Northern Advocate, 28 June 2020