NorthAble Community Scholarship

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WHO ARE NORTHABLE? NorthAble is a non-profit organisation (Charitable Trust number CC25041) established in 1990. Our aim is to remove barriers for disabled people in our community and help them and their families to live a fully participative and meaningful life.

WHAT IS OUR NORTHABLE COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP? We are creating two community scholarships of $1,000 that are to be awarded to make a positive impact to the disability community. The scholarships are expected to be awarded annually although they may not be awarded in every application round if in the Trustees’ sole discretion, no applicant has met the criteria for a grant.

WHO IS IT FOR? One scholarship will be for a disabled person (see criteria below) and the other will be for any person wanting to make a positive impact in the disabled community. This fund will be open to applications from the public (excluding NorthAble staff, trustees and immediate family of these) and will aim to help people to achieve their higher-level goals in some way. Higher-level goals would be goals that deliver prestige and accomplishment, that help a person to fulfil their potential, or to achieve some creative output. This would be in contrast to core welfare needs such as food, shelter, hygiene, security, safety, relationships, friendship.

We see this fund as being awarded to exceptional applicants – those whose proposal stands out from the rest. The fund will provide one-off support, beyond what is available through public funding options, to help them unlock opportunity and potential in the disabled community. This means that we would like to see applications that share benefits with members of the disabled community, or have a particularly significant impact on individuals. Applications will be judged on the breadth and depth of the impact they will have on the community, and the nature of the positive effect.

To apply for our fund reserved for disabled people, a person must have been identified as having a long-term impairment (likely to continue for a minimum of six months), that is not based on a personal health or medical diagnosis, and which results in a reduction of independent functioning to the extent that ongoing support is required.

HOW CAN I USE THE MONEY? The scholarship can be used for (but is not limited to) funding things such as:

  • Study fees to complete relevant training and education
  • To pay costs associated with running a Northland-based community project
  • Travel costs to a special event such as competing in a sports tournament
  • Enrolment costs to an event that will have a positive impact on the community
  • To purchase equipment to be used by the disabled community
  • To help unlock employment opportunities

The above is a list of ideas, but we welcome any application that meets our overall goal of helping people in the disabled community to achieve their higher-level goals in some way.

For a copy of the application form and terms and conditions, please see below


Scholarship Application Form (DOCX, 63 KB) (external website)

Terms and Conditions (DOCX, 20 KB) (external website)

Check out the Northern Advocate's news article (PDF, 767 KB)